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if u look like nebula from guardians of the galaxy hmu

the world is in your hands
jajajaja, haciendote la vida de cuadritos

y ahogarme en syrup q lindo


Julien Ceccaldi
aplastados en la wafflera gigante de dios

jaja sería hermoso


Wang Xiao by Michael Baumgarten for Vogue China February 2014

si soy un animal

solo en caso de que te los comas congelados

claro q me los como congelados no soy un animal

wargz replied to your post:bueno y q pasa
todo pasa isma, se derrumba el universo por culpa de tus pecados

comer waffles congelados es un pecado, ojalá se derrumbe estaria bueno eso, que todos murieramos por los waffles


Lichtenberg figures may appear on the skin of lightning strike victims. These are reddish, fernlike patterns that may persist for hours or days. They are also a useful indicator for medical examiners when determining the cause of death. Lichtenberg figures appearing on people are sometimes called lightning flowers, and they are thought to be caused by the rupture of small capillaries under the skin due to the passage of the lightning current or the shock wave from the lightning discharge as it flashes over the skin. A lightning strike can also create a large Lichtenberg Figure in grass surrounding the point struck. These are sometimes found on golf courses or in grassy meadows. Fulgurites may also be created as sand and soil is fused into glassy tubes by the intense heat of the current.
Article on the above case in Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

frozen waffles again i need to regain control of my life

bueno y q pasa