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meg u have clearly shown your lack of knowledge in the field of bras




I feel for people with smaller boobs though because I’ve felt A and B cup bras
You can’t help the padding every company feels the need to put in unless you want to wear a sports bra and bralettes having your nipples stick straight through your shirt when the slightest breeze hits you

Well I’m an A cup (I used to be a B cup before I started working out and lost weight), and I know for a fact that numerous companies make A and B cup bras that don’t have padding. If you buy a push-up bra, it is going to have some amount of padding that varies based on the style and cup size (smaller cups tend to have more padding). If you buy a demi or t-shirt bra, then there is no padding, regardless of the cup size. You, sir, have clearly shown your lack of knowledge in the field of bras and tiny tits.

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